Why Teach Brewery Manners Classes?

A Brewery Manners Class Is . . .

Practical for Your Clients.

A Brewery Manners class very practical to many pet dog owners. The average dog owner can easily picture themselves taking their dog along to the brewery or other public hangout-spot - and wants to be proud of the way that their dog behaves while there!  By tailoring our advanced manners classes to this specific set of goals, we can see more excitement from our students.  Excitement will encourage them to sign up for the class, but also be more engaged and committed during the class! 

Community Building.

Brewery Manners classes are taught in actual breweries whenever possible!  By being present in those establishments, you are helping other local businesses by bringing them productive (and hopefully well-behaved) customers.  All of this builds community engagement with your dog training business, which can help promote your brewery classes but also all of your other great services as well.


Don’t get stuck teaching the same thing over and over! Sometimes is fun to shake things up, and repackage essential dog life-skills into a new framework. That’s exactly what we do in our Brewery Manners class! Helping people and their dogs prepare for a real-life adventure together is fun, exciting, and rewarding!

Join the Fun! Become a Drink With Your Dog™ Certified Class Instructor

Create a rockstar Brewery Manners class offering for your dog training business with our online course just for dog trainers!

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