Hello! Welcome to the Drink With Your Dog™ Project!

We all love dogs + beer, right?

Recently, there’s been a lot of changing legislation around the country on the topic of dogs in breweries. Some laws are getting more lenient, like a recent change in North Carolina to allow dogs in breweries! Other laws are getting more strict, like the City of Denver’s decision to disallow dogs from breweries within the city limits.

We’ve talked to a lot of breweries through the creation of this project, and some breweries are making their own rule changes to stop allowing dogs, independent of their city or state rules. Their reasons? Dogs are causing a lot of problems in their spaces.

We can change this together! That’s where our Drink With Your Dog™ Project is 100% focused: on keeping dogs welcome in as many breweries as possible, through education for dogs and dog owners on brewery etiquette, education for brewery staff members on dog safety and dog management for their taprooms, and education for dog trainers so that they can help create more great brewery dogs around the country!

Stay tuned for lots of content coming here on the blog, on our Facebook page, and on Instagram! Thanks for joining us!