Earn Brewery-Friendly Dog Titles


What Are Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog Titles?

These titles are fun ways to guide advanced manners practice – with the emphasis on good manners skills that help create a great brewery dog!

Most of us work harder when we have a goal in mind – that’s where these titles come in, to give our practice a structure and end goal!

Slightly different than some other types of dog manners titles and achievements, these Brewery Friendly Dog titles also put a big emphasis on what you, the dog owner, do to help your dog succeed in the brewery setting.  You’ll see some of the title requirements leave room for your dog not to do the behavior perfectly – if you are able to step in and help support your dog in that situation, we still consider that a win and a positive check-mark towards title completion.

Title Levels

Click for details on the requirements for each title Level. Dogs must earn the titles in numerical order.

Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog Level 1
Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog Level 2
Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog Level 3

Ways to Earn Your Titles

#2: Submit Videos Online

#1: In-Person with a DWYD™
Certified Class Instructor

Show us your dog’s great brewery skills through video submission, and we will evaluate you and your dog’s skills remotely. This is a great way to earn your titles even if you don’t have a DWYD™ CCI in your area!

Online Title Evaluations are $35/Level. This includes reviewing your videos and an emailed title certificate if you complete the title. Once you have earned a title, you have the option to purchase title swag from the DWYD™ Store!

When you take a Brewery Manners class with a DWYD™ Certified Class Instructor, you’ll have the option to evaluate for your Level 1 title. Many DWYD™ CCIs also offer a la carte evaluation options for the three title Levels if you feel like your dog is ready to skip right to the evaluation.

Once you have taken the evaluation with an DWYD™ Instructor, you have the option to submit your title registration to us and purchase title swag from the DWYD™ Store!

We are working on getting our title swag on our website! If you have earned a Brewery Dog title from a DWYD™ Class Instructor and are looking for some swag, contact us and we’ll send you an announcement when we launch the new gear! Thanks for your patience as we work on finalizing this piece of the project!

General Policies for All Title Evaluations

Whether you are taking a Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog evaluation in-person with a DWYD™ Class Instructor, or submitting your videos online, here are a few policies to help you get the most out of your experience:

  • Collar & Training Tool Use: Summit Dog Training & The Drink With Your Dog™ Project are founded on progressive reinforcement principles and motivational training techniques.  Hanging out with our dogs at a brewery should be a great experience for both us AND our dogs, and we believe that this can and should be done using dog-friendly training tools that allow our dogs to learn without harm or pain, based on current industry standards founded on scientific research.  

    Because of this, choke chains, prong, or electric collars or other force-based training tools may not be used during evaluations for the DWYD Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog title.  If you have previously used or currently use one of the tools listed above, a DWYD™ Instructor would be happy to help you find an alternative tool suitable for your dog’s training needs.   

    If you choose to train with one of those tools, please remove for any video submissions and in-person evaluations (and show off how your dog can do the skills without the tool!).  Videos submissions where the dog is wearing an aversive training tool will not be awarded a title, and no refunds can be given. 

     Training tools that may be used in the CBFD evaluation include one or more of the following: flat collar, front or back-clip harness, limited slip (martingale) collar.

  • Treat Use: We love seeing dogs getting rewarded for choosing good behaviors! The use of treats is permitted in the video and in-person evaluations for CBFD titles, following these guidelines:

    • Avoid luring – treats can be given as rewards for good behavior, but shouldn’t be given as “bribes” to cue or incentivize the behavior.  Make sure all treats stay in your pocket or pouch until you are rewarding for a behavior that has already been completed.  Teams that use excessive luring for completion of any or all elements will not title.

    • Avoid dropping - we want to leave brewery floors clean!

    • If you use a marker signal like the clicker tool, you may use this in your submissions; however, we highly recommend switching to a verbal marker like “Yes!” or “Good!” for quieter, less obtrusive marking and easier maintenance of learned behaviors when you are out and about with your dog!

  • Friendly Strangers: Any skills or scenarios calling for the assistance of “friendly strangers” – these may be friend accomplices who you ask to help.  It is ok if they are already known to your dog. Often this makes polite greeting self-control even harder and more impressive!

  • Code of Conduct: When submitting for your CBFD titles, you’ll be asked to consent to the following code of conduct:

    When enjoying breweries and other public areas with my dog, I agree to do the following to the best of my ability:

    • Clean up after my dog.

    • Follow brewery rules & guidelines for visiting dogs, including posted notices, website policies & staff requests.

    • Demonstrate courtesy to other brewery guests (dogs & people).

    • Help my dog have a great time too!

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