What is the Drink With Your Dog™ Project?

Education for Breweries

Host dogs safely & confidently!

Our Brewery Staff Education courses are all about safely hosting dogs in your brewery space, by learning dog body language, helping customers be responsible for their dogs, preventing incidents, and much more.

Training for
Dogs & Dog Owners

Learn great brewery dog skills!

Take your dog's basic skills to the next level and help him or her become the best brewery buddy ever! Teaching your dog good brewery manners is the best thing you can do to keep breweries dog-friendly. Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog Titles are a fun way to structure your training!

Certification for
Dog Trainers

Teach fantastic brewery manners classes!

Popular Drink With Your Dog™ Brewery Manners classes can add value and excitement to your dog training business. This certification course is all about marketing & teaching this fun type of class! Graduates of this course are Certified DWYD™ Class Instructors!


About Drink With Your Dog™ Project Creator &
Summit Dog Training

Hi there! Amber here, DWYD™ Project Creator and Head Trainer at Summit Dog Training. There is nothing I love more than helping people and their dogs have great adventures together. I have been training dogs since the age of 10, and teaching others how to train their dogs since the age of 13. Needless to say, it's a long burning passion of mine that's not going away any time soon. When I'm not teaching about dogs online or in person, you'll find me hiking with my best four-legged hiking buddy in the lovely mountains of Colorado.

Summit Dog Training has a simple mission: to help dogs and their owners have amazing outdoor adventures together, whether that is a peaceful walk in the park, hiking off-leash in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains, or a patio hangout at a local brewery. The Drink With Your Dog™ Project was born to meet the need of local breweries and dog owners who want to keep dogs in breweries - and it has expanded from there!

I am so excited to have you on board with this project in whatever capacity you are interested in. The world needs more advocates for great dog behavior so that we can have even more great dog-friendly establishments to visit with our dogs!


- Amber

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