Find a Great DWYD™ Class Instructor Near You


A good class instructor can make all the difference when it comes to learning new skills. Teaching your dog to be a great brewery buddy is no different!

This is exactly why we created the Drink With Your Dog™ Class Instructor Certification Course - to make rock-star Brewery Manners classes available around the country!

If you have a DWYD™ instructor in your area, we highly recommend taking a class in-person. It’s way more fun than training solo! However, if you can’t find someone in your area on our list of certified instructors, you can still work on great brewery skills with your dog. You can either jump right to submitting your title videos for our review, or stay tuned for an online course just for dog owners on teaching brewery manners skills to your own dogs.

There are 28 Class Instructors recently graduated or currently working through the first round of our Class Instructor Certification Course! We are working on getting a spreadsheet list up on our website soon!

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